Zadní panel Siegen

Kód: 102001589
Značka: WSM
od 9 027,20 Kč / ks od 7 460,50 Kč bez DPH

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Zadní panel pro přístřešky Siegen

Detailní informace

Siegen: S16
| 102001589
9 027,20 Kč / ks
7 460,50 Kč bez DPH
Siegen: S17
| 102001591
9 962,16 Kč / ks
8 233,19 Kč bez DPH
Siegen: S18
| 102001544
11 703,12 Kč / ks
9 672 Kč bez DPH
Siegen: S19
| 102001546
11 703,12 Kč / ks
9 672 Kč bez DPH

Detailní popis produktu

Zadní panel vyrobený z šedého trapézového plechu je k dispozici pro všechny velikosti přístřešku Siegen. 

 S16  délka 2145mm  váha 95 kg
 S17  délka 2975 mm  váha 108 kg
 S18  délka 4300 mm  váha 123 kg
 S19  délka 4300 mm  váha 123 kg



WSM is a leading enterprise in metal system construction and, since 1958, a full-service manufacturer in four product areas: mobile room systems, shelter systems, bicycle parking systems and information systems.

Our clients include industry, transport companies, local authorities, developers and private clients. With our proven, high-selling series products we have also become an attractive partner to catalogue and mail order companies.

“Quality in metal” is the hallmark for durable, value-retaining and certified products as well as timeless and modern design. As a full-service manufacturer, we also offer comprehensive services such as individual planning and construction, financing and leasing, support for government projects, a seamless logistics, professional on-site installation and replacement parts and repairs.

WSM employs 250 committed employees at locations in Waldbröl (DE), Salzburg (AT) and our second production site in Březnice (CZ).